Verbal Vomit

Being that this is my first blog I suppose I should introduce myself, but I just don’t have the juice to do that today. For now my blogger name will have to suffice. At this point this blog is just for me. A place to put all the thoughts that I can’t say in real life.

I have millions of thoughts rumbling around in my noggin when I’m not here in front of the computer. Then become choked as soon as my fingers slip upon they keys. A swirling desert of nothing. Tumbleweeds just bippin’ by.

However; I have decided to stop waffling and just write no matter what. I mean, that’s what they taught me in all those writing classes I took in college. So my plan is to just write as much as I can no matter what. I think that’s why I’ve gone a bit nutty in my life recently, I’m not writing at all these days. Years, to be honest. Excuse the rust. I believe that for some people it’s actually a mental healthcare sort of thing. To express myself this way is very cleansing. Plus, no one is looking at this blog, as of yet, so I feel very free to say whatever the hell I want to with very little feedback or repercussions.

As of right now I have to write at the library since my computer died a watery death and my phone is a POS. I have been putting off updating my phone cuz I have to drive an hour away to get that taken care of but it’s getting so slow. I fear the inevitable is coming soon. I’d rather get it taken care of before it becomes a problem.

Anyway, that’s all for now.



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