Resolutely Silent

Written in early Jan. 2015 Keep your mouth shut.  That’s what You should do this year about any improvements you decide to make in your life.

In any given magazine article about taking on new endeavors, the writers always advise to tell loads of people about this new thing you’re doing.
This is supposed to keep you in check to, keep you on track.
*** I say fooey to that crap!
A  fools mission for failure.
I am a person that has read a lot of old (early 1900’s) metaphysical books and one piece of advice the authors all seem to agree on is keeping your resolutions silently.
*** The reason for this is to give yourself time to build up momentum in this area.
To build up a head of steam.
By telling others you’re letting your power to push forward unimpeded be stripped from you.
Dramatic, but true.
Think about it.
Unless you are very lucky or extremely focused you’re allowing doubt to be leaked all over your enthusiasm.
 People may give you a look that says YOU’RE DOING THIS, again?
They may begin questioning you to death, punching holes in your balloon of excitement.
Picking it apart, pulling you back down into the barrel.
 I believe this skepticism is actually a sign of concern, most times.
They don’t want you to get hurt or to be disappointed again.
Perhaps they show some initial enthusiasm and want to join in on it. Your progress is then hindered because maybe one day their kid gets sick or they move too slowly/quickly -in the case of exercise- (walking, running). So you decide to use their decision/or fitness level not to go as an excuse not to do your thing.
Whatever the reason may be, it’s taken momentum from you.
By sharing you are no longer solely responsible for the forward progress in your life, in my opinion.
You’ve given them the RIGHT to see if it is a thing worth doing just by sharing your idea.
It’s become public domain.
People have a right to their opinions even if it squelches your passion. Don’t cast your pearls before swine.
I’m not calling your dear ones pigs, I’m just saying that even a clam understands keeping the fact that its making a pearl to itself until its big enough to be spit out, so to speak.
Swine, in this scenario, is anyone that’s not you.
Only you know the true importance of this thing you want accomplished.
Self improvement is called that for a reason.
If it was meant to be shared it would be called public improvement.
Meetings would be called. Time management schedules drawn up. Who needs to do what, where, when and how…blah, blah.
Keep your exciting new projects to yourself.
Zip your lips and stop sharing with people.
Gonna stop smokin?
Joining a gym?
Starting a diet?
Getting up to walk every morning?
Have a biz idea?
Do it. Don’t share it.
Let your passion grow.
Nothing is as titillating as a secret untold.
You’re giddy and just bursting with the thrill of it.
Let that feeling drive you. It’s an awesome feeling.
Uninterrupted, undiluted joy is what that feeling is and exactly what you need to sustain you until you get your feet underneath you, trusting yourself.
Folks say it takes twenty-one days to build a habit. That’s time enough to build a framework for change, not enough time to build an addition to your life.
I say three months is a better time line.
Don’t share anything new with anyone until you are deep into it, so that no matter what others say or do it has become an unshakeable part of who you are.
For example, I have failed every diet I ever went on.
I told everybody and their momma what I was doing and never got past day 3 of what I was so excited about 3 days prior.
So many doubting minds had a powerful effect on me.
I’m not going to go into facts found in science on how your thoughts and the projected thoughts of others are things and all of that, if interested you can do your own investigative foot work or if you’re like me you can just try it in your own life and see if it works for you.
I became a vegan (1 year in Feb. 2015) and didn’t tell anyone until I was 3 months in. Oh my goodness me! The opinions were flying north, south, east and west when I said I was a vegan:
That’s so good for you.
You should call yourself Plant Based, it’s easier for people to accept than the word VEGAN.
That’s so bad for you.
That’s just not what God wants.
I admire you.
You’re crazy.
I couldn’t do that.
You’re so strong.
Good bad or ugly their opinions didn’t sway me.
Yes some of their thoughts hurt or made me feel stupid because at the time I didn’t know enough about nutrition to answer some of their questions, but I was unshakeable in my new life choice.
I was entrenched.
I’d had enough improvement within myself and they could no longer take my focus or make me question my ability to do this thing.
It was the first time I’d ever kept my mouth shut about any plan and I stuck to it.
So that’s my message to you this year.
Let your seed(s) grow in the quiet and darkness. Let it take root and then share it with those in your world.
Then come rain or shine…nothing can shake you loose.

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